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Metech processes galvanized square opening welded wire mesh, electro galvanized or hot dipped plated. Designed for construction, building reinforcement and fences, it enjoys the feature of corrosion resistance compared with plain black iron welded mesh. Galvanized welded wire mesh can be fabricated into constructional reinforcement panels, wire mesh partitions, shelves and cages ...

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This kind of welded wire mesh is made with plain steel wire welded together in square opening, then going through the hot dipped zinc coating process. Application: Suitable product for constructing animal cages, enclosure works, fabricating of wire containers and baskets, grills, partitions, machine protection fences...
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We supply green plastic coated welded wire mesh.
It is made of high quality of galvanized iron wire, to be coated with PVC powder by advanced automatic equipments. The plastic coating layer is even, strong adhesiveness and bright luster with good anti-corrosive prosperity....
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Welded Wire Mesh makes the majority wire material for fencing system. Together with fencing posts and related fittings, it provides strong and elegant fence for industrial uses....
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Welded Wire Fencing Panels can be made of superior quality welded mesh, electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or plastic coated. It is also supplied in plain steel without galvanizing to save cost....
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Welded Steel Bar Gratings

Welded steel gratings is widely used in construction reinforcement and other fields. Features: Good strength; Cost-efficient; Easy to install.
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About Us

Welcome to our web site! You are here to locating welded wire mesh and panels, a variety of processed products made of welded wire fabrics including fences, partitions, grills, cages and shelves, wire welding machines, also some woven metal meshes.
Metech Welded Mesh Inc. has professional engineers and well-trained workers to work for you and we can offer custom design and cost effective solutions for your needs. Over the years, we have established regular business relationship with customers from the USA, Italy, Germany and other countries with our good quality products and dedicated work.
We can take your designs and needs and make products for you accordingly. Our principal products for export can be divided into the following five series:

Welded Wire Mesh Fabrics: Basically electro galvanized, hot dipped zinc plated, PVC coated and stainless steel for construction, fencing and engineering.
Woven Metal Meshes: Hexagonal wire netting, galvanized square wire mesh, iron wire mesh, crimped and plastic coated woven mesh.
Wire Panels: We offer mesh panels for fencing (fence panels) and gratings for construction.
Welded Wire Products: Welded wire fabrics can be fabricated into a big variety of finished products for daily and industrial uses. Mainly grills, shelves, fences, cages and containers.
Welders: Spot welders and panel welding machines.

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